Educational Stability for Children in Care

Every year the State of Georgia assumes the role of parent to thousands of children who have been neglected or abused by their families. Outcomes for the 7,000 'children in care' in Georgia, especially those in care for substantial periods of time, make sobering statements about these children's future: 25% of foster children end up homeless and 25% of male foster kids end up in prison. Only 3 % graduate from college.

Helping the State build a better future for these children through educational achievement is the goal of Georgia Appleseed project, 'Educational Stability for Children in Care.' In partnership with Families First, a nonprofit with a long history of seeking sustainable solutions for children and their families, this project will seek to enhance 'education stability' to Children in Care and improve educational focus and outcomes. This includes

King & Spalding LLP is the lead law firm volunteer team, spearheaded by Beth Tanis, Georgia Appleseed Board Chair. A complete list of the Educational Stability for Children in Care Advisory Committee members can be found here.

In close collaboration with Families First, the project scope begins with review of federal and state law regarding rights of Children in Care to educational stability; a volunteer-led examination of current stability/support practices in Georgia; and establishment of an expert Advisory Committee.

Anticipated outcomes include

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